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Memoria Luminosa at Zócalo square - Templo Mayor replica model - Huey Teocalli
Projection mapping 3D over 4 sides of the pyramid model
Zócalo, CDMX, Mexico

Maizz Visual was proud to produce the projection mapping show "Memoria Luminosa". A 3D and 2D motion graphics production on a 1:3 scale model of the great pyramid Huey Teocalli of Tenochtitlan. The narrative text prepared by the Secretary of Culture of CDMX tells the history and importance of the Templo Mayor, the legendary origins of the Mexica people as well as the destruction and conquest of Tenochnitclan.  The videomapping show is developed in the form of 23 scenes created mostly in 3D animation. While for the block referring to the conquest a 2D animation technique was used on fragments of murals and paintings by prestigious Mexican artists such as Diego Rivera, Orozco or Camarena.   


The show was open to the public in the Zócalo of CDMX from August 13 to August 29 and could be appreciated by the 4 sides that were video projected. 


The Memoria Luminosa project has been a great challenge for Maizz Visual due to the short production time and the complexity of generating video mapping content on the 4 faces of the pyramid. 


Maizz Visual collaborated with the studio Re:sorb from Berlin for the realization of some scenes and with the sound studio Sontrack for the sound of the piece. 

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